One for all: Domains and Web Hosting

Domain Hosting used for my website!

The company’s own website usually starts with the matching address. You should act on time a good domain name for your site. At best, use a toll-free domain query on the Internet and inquire about the availability of your desired address. In a domain hosting company you can directly check several top level domains with your chosen name and register the web address found.

Domain registration and domain hosting from a single source!

However, domain hosting refers not only to the registration of your web address. To ensure that your site is always available online and can be visited by users, you also need a space on a server. This is your homepage webspace and ensures that the side round the clock can be reached. In general, however, it is not worthwhile to purchase a dedicated server.

The cost would be too high and also the effort for the protection of data and the maintenance. Here it is advisable to select directly with the registration of your domain also an offer for the domain hosting. With this step, you specify the total work from the domain hosting agency and have to worry about anything else. Your data will be protected against hacker attacks, fire, theft and from mechanical errors of the hard drive and power failure.

Especially for an online shop, it is important that a smooth process and a continuous accessibility of the website are guaranteed. The domain hosting from a pro here is the best and most convenient choice for your home.

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How to choose a hosting

In this context, there is also the question of the availability guarantee and possible compensation for non-compliance. After all, your company’s success depends entirely even also, in certain cases, by the availability of your Website. Full-bodied 99.9 percent availability commitments can be found almost everywhere, but clarify what assures you exactly contractually.

Reaction times ensures the hoster to provide technical and claims for damages that you have. In this context, it is also advantageous if you can terminate the contract at short notice. Ideally, you can test a few days the desired free hosting package, as offered.

If you have found a Hoster and with this are satisfied, you should still keep on the lookout for suitable alternative. As a substitute, if your host went bankrupt or should worsen its service. When searching for a replacement, it is very important that you pay attention to its technical basis and compare the features and tools of your previous hoster with the replacement (this applies even if you have an immediate intention to change).

The future Hoster should offer exact the same scripting languages ​​and databases, such as your previous. Otherwise, you have to rewrite all the scripts and maybe even upgrade the database.

Very important: Inquire about the support options for your hosting company. Is there a free hotline? How does it look with the waiting times for email support? There are many solutions in the support forums? Is there a preferred support for business customers?

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